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  • <p>2 Year Warranty</p>

    2 Year Warranty

  • <p>Battery First Charge Rectifiers</p>

    Battery First Charge Rectifiers

Featured Features

Battery Temperature Measurement

Video Error Messages

20 Different Program Selections

Independent Charging Channels

Automatic Stop at the End of the Process

Automatic Charging Cut-off in Case of Error

The Charging Technique that Extends the Life of the Battery

  • Product Description

Switch Mode battery formation rectifiers are high-tech devices used in the battery initial charging and formation process. Thanks to the ability to Charge - Discharge, it provides the opportunity to apply the latest charging techniques.


The recovery technique to the network is used in the discharge process. In this way, the energy taken from the battery is transferred to the grid and energy recovery is realized.


The most efficient and most useful system is applied by using different designs depending on the project. The automation system and software to which the devices are connected allows hundreds of devices to be managed via a single PC.


Each of the programs consists of steps that can be set different duration and current values. By changing these step values, the user can charge with a certain current for a while and continue with a different charging time with a different current value after the time.By entering steps with a current value of zero between the steps, the batteries can be Decoupled for the set time.In addition, the device prevents damage to the batteries during charging.