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    Single Phase Forklift Battery Chargers

    24V 30A Forklift Battery Charger 

    24V 40A Forklift Battery Charger 

    24V 50A Forklift Battery Charger 

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    48V 60A Forklift Battery Charger 

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    48V 100A Forklift Battery Charger 

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    Three-Phase 3x380V Forklift Battery Chargers

    48V 140A Forklift Battery Charger 

    48V 160A Forklift Battery Charger 

    80V 100A Forklift Battery Charger 

    80V 120A Forklift Battery Charger 

    80V 140A Forklift Battery Charger 

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  • <p>100 % Domestic Production and National Capital</p>

    100 % Domestic Production and National Capital

Featured Features

• ISO9001-2015/ISO14001/ISO45001/CE Certified

• Easy installation, No Adjustment Required Software 

• Wa Charging Method (DIN41774) • High Efficiency Transformer

• Intelligent Charging System with Voltage Control 

• Current Charging and Warning Status with Led Indicator

• Automatic Shutdown at the End of the Transaction

• Automatic Charging Cut-off in Case of Error

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Forklift Battery Charger are industrial chargers specially designed for the sector for charging high ampersate (Ah) batteries in industrial areas. They are also known by another name as Traction Battery Charger.  


Forklift Battery Chargers are usually used for electric forklifts, electric stacking machines, manlifts, personnel carriers and risers, golf vehicles, floor cleaning vending machines, railway and airline vehicles, etc. they are used extensively in the sectors. 


The Forklift Battery Charger has an led diagnostic display. Thanks to this screen, it provides current charging and error situations as a warning. Thanks to the special charging program, it reaches the final without boiling or heating the battery. 


Forklift Truck Battery Chargers are mainly produced as 12V/24V/36V/48V/80V and 10A...It is produced up to 500A. Forklift truck battery chargers with IP3X protection class have a 2-year warranty against all kinds of manufacturing defects. Rectifiers have CE certificate, but they have ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO450001 certificates. 


The Forklift Charger is supplied as standard in the package with an input cable and an output cable. If requested, the input plug and output socket are also delivered optionally by installing. You can use our Forklift Chargers safely with all brands of tractor battery. 


You can get support from our expert team on Battery Charger selection and battery room selection. Please contact us to get technical information and price quotation about our products.

CE Certified,100% Domestic Capital,100% Domestic Production

WA Charging Method (DIN41774)

3DY R&D Brand High Efficiency Isolated Transformer

Soft start charging start

Intelligent charging system with Voltage Control

Ability to display charging parameters with led indicator

A charging program that does not damage the internal structure of the battery

Automatic Shutdown at the End of the Operation

Short circuit Protected

Automatic charging cut-off in case of error

Ability to choose different mains voltage with Step-by-step Transformer

Electric Forklift Truck and Stacking Machine Manufacturers

Warehouses and Factories

Forklift Maintenance Stations 

Battery Factories 

Electric Vehicles 

Industrial Areas



Heavy Industry

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