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  • <p><strong>12VDC:</strong> 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A - 25A - 30A - 35A - 40A - 50A - 60A</p>

<p><strong>24VDC:</strong> 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A - 25A - 30A</p>

<p><strong>48VDC:</strong> 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A</p>

    12VDC: 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A - 25A - 30A - 35A - 40A - 50A - 60A

    24VDC: 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A - 25A - 30A

    48VDC: 5A - 10A - 15A - 20A

  • <p>100 % Domestic Production and National Capital</p>

    100 % Domestic Production and National Capital

Featured Features

• Switch Mode Technology
• Automatic Charge with Current and Voltage Control
• Use as a DC Power Supply
• End-of-Charge Automatic Cut-off and Buffer-Charge Feature
• Holiday Charge Mode
• Electronic Protections
• Up to 30% Energy Saving

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  • Optional Features

Recta Series Switch Mode Battery Chargers are industrial type devices designed with the latest technology that meet the DC voltage requirements of the devices supplied with direct current used for charging the batteries. Generally, telecommunication centers, power generation and transmission facilities, sea and land transportation vehicles, cleaning machines and stacking machines etc. It is mostly preferred in applications.


Recta Series switch mode rectifiers are produced with led panels. Thanks to its advanced software and special charging program, the batteries are charged more safely. Actual charging and fault conditions can be displayed via led diagnostics. It does not start charging in case of any possible battery or device failure.


Our switch mode devices, which have extremely fast voltage regulation, are not affected by voltage fluctuations occurring on the network side.


Switch Mode Battery Chargers automatically cut off the charge at the end of the process and switch to buffer charging. With the holiday charging application developed for long-term standby positions, your battery is always ready for use.


Switch Mode Chargers are equipped with fully equipped electronic protections and provide high efficiency and reliability.


At the same time, it has become a preferred product in all sectors with its energy saving during charging, small size and light weight. The battery chargers in this Series are shipped with their special box and included input cable, plug, output cable and optional output socket.


Our Recta Series devices produced by 3DY Arge Elektronik A.Ş. have a 2-year production warranty and 24/7 service support.

Mosfet or IGBT Controlled System

Automatic Charge with Voltage and Current Control

Usable as DC Power Supply or Battery Charger

Wide Power Range

High Efficiency and Reliability

Electronic Protections

Over/Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit Protection

User Friendly Led indicator

Easy Operation

Cleaning Machines

Stackers, Manlifts and Forklifts

Energy generation, transmission and distribution centers

oil and natural gas industry,

Natural gas energy distribution centers,

mining industry,

Security and lighting systems,

Building automation systems and special telecommunication applications

Marine vehicles, Automobile services, Electric vehicles, Battery powered toys, UPS systems, Transformer stations, etc.

Separate Outputs for Battery and Load

Output voltage regulation with dropper circuit according to load voltage tolerance

Additional LVD contactor that prevents deep discharge and separates the load and battery

Battery and shelves integrated into the rectifier

Chassis with different protection class (IP31/IP42/IP54/IP65)

DC +/- Earth Leakage Protection

Output Socket