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  • <p>Monophase Rectifiers</p>

<p>12VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A</p>

<p>24VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A</p>

<p>48VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A-100A</p>

    Monophase Rectifiers

    12VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A

    24VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A

    48VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A-100A

  • <p>Three-Phase Rectifiers</p>

<p>12VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A - 90A-100A-120A -140A 150A...1000A</p>

<p>24VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A -90A - 100A-120A -140A 150A...1000A</p>

<p>48VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A-90A-100A-120A-140A 150A...1000A</p>

<p>110VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A-90A-100A-120A-140A 150A...1000A</p>

    Three-Phase Rectifiers

    12VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A - 90A-100A-120A -140A 150A...1000A

    24VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A -90A - 100A-120A -140A 150A...1000A

    48VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A-90A-100A-120A-140A 150A...1000A

    110VDC: 50A - 60A - 80A-90A-100A-120A-140A 150A...1000A

  • <p>2 Year Warranty</p>

    2 Year Warranty

Featured Features

* Thyristor Controlled, Transformer System
• Fully Automatic System
• Can be Used as a DC Current Source or Battery Charger
* Adjustable Normal and Fast Charging Voltage
* Automatic Fast Charging Voltage Adjustment
* Over/Under Voltage, Overcurrent, Short Circuit Protection
* Rectifier Fault Contact Information and Illuminated Warning

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Transformer Battery Chargers are industrial type rectifiers that convert AC energy used in all sectors of DC energy to DC energy.


Transformer-operated, Thyristor-Controlled Rectifiers are produced in monophase and three-phase. Thanks to the wide voltage December on the output side and the industry-specific production, it is 12V/24V/36V/48V/72V/96V/110V/220V...It is 1000VDC and production can also be made with other desired voltage options. The current is produced starting from 5A and up to 1000A.


The most important feature of BCT Series transformer battery chargers is that they can be used as both battery charging and supply source. Thanks to the LCD screen, the output voltage, output current, duration and current fault or status information can be displayed on the screen and received as a warning. Communication can be provided with the modbus communication protocol offered as standard, or warnings can be sent to the terminal as a dry contact output.


Optional non-standard dry contact can be added. Up to 12 dry contact outputs can be provided with an external relay card. These warnings can also be monitored as warnings via the auxiliary contact or via the LCD screen.


Production can be made with design and cabinet options specific to the process. As standard, starting with IP2X protection class and up to IP5X protection class can be selected.


These devices manufactured by 3DY R&D have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and 24/7 service support service.


How should the rectifier selection be made ?

The choice of rectifier should be made based on 10-15% of the battery used, if we think that we have a 12 volt 100 ampere battery, the rectifier required for charging this battery should be a rectifier in the December 12 volt 10-15 ampere range.

SCR Thyristor Controlled, Transformer System

Automatic Charging with Voltage and Current Control

Can be used as a DC Power Supply or Battery Charger

Wide Input Power December 

High Efficiency and Reliability

Electronic Protections 

Over/Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit Protection

Adjustable Normal and Fast Charging Voltage

User-Friendly LCD Panel

Easy Operation and easy to supply parts Jul

Rectifier Fault contact information and illuminated warning 

Ability to Work in Parallel, Redundant (Redundant) or Hot redundant

Power generation, transmission and distribution centers 

Oil and natural gas industry,

Natural gas energy distribution centers,

Mining industry,

Security and lighting systems,

Building automation systems and special telecommunication applications

Marine vehicles

Automobile services

Electric vehicles

Cordless toys

UPS systems


Separate Outputs for Battery and Load 

Output voltage regulation by Dropper circuit according to load voltage tolerance

Additional LVD contactor that prevents deep discharge and separates the load and battery

Battery racks integrated into the rectifier

Chassis with different protection class (IP31/IP42/IP54/IP65)

DC+/- Earth Leakage Protection

Charge Control with Battery Temperature Measurement