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  • <p><strong>Our Types of Marine Rectifiers</strong></p>

<p>12VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A</p>

<p>24VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A</p>

    Our Types of Marine Rectifiers

    12VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A

    24VDC: 10A-20A-30A-40A-50A-60A-80A-90A -100A

  • <p>2 Year Warranty</p>

    2 Year Warranty

  • <p>100 % Domestic Production and National Capital</p>

    100 % Domestic Production and National Capital

Featured Features

• HF High Frequency Technology 

• Marine Special Current and Voltage controlled Smart Charging Program 

• Technology that Saves 30% Energy 

• 60% space saving, 75% weight saving compared to transformer devices

• Less Water Loss During Charging 

• Low Ripple - More Linear Charging with Higher Efficiency

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Marine type Battery Charger charges your batteries more reliably and with superior performance thanks to its design suitable for the maritime industry and its special charging program. In this way, it allows you to work smoothly and to use your battery for a long time.


Marine Rectifiers are produced with HF High frequency technology, with current and voltage control. With its technology developed to save energy during charging, among its most important features, it has become a preferred product in all sectors with its small size and light weight.


Marine Rectifier keeps your batteries constantly charged in places where there is mains energy. The most important feature of the device is that it can be used both as a battery charging and supply source. The process is set according to your battery type and starts charging. After your batteries are full, the charge is automatically terminated and your batteries stay full all the time by switching to buffer charging.


Since the output ripple value of the Marine Type Battery Charger is below 2%, the efficiency is quite high. In this way, since the batteries are charged with a more linear current, their lifespan is extended.


Marine rectifiers are an ideal solution because they are produced in light and small dimensions where size and weight are a problem.


How to Select a Rectifier: Rectifier selection should be made with reference to 10-15% of the battery capacity used. For example; Considering that we have a 12V 100Ah battery, the rectifier required for charging this battery should be between 10-15 amps.

HF High Frequency Technology

Intelligent charging system with Current and Voltage control 

A charging system that does not damage the internal structure of the battery during charging 

Energy-saving system 

It is not affected by changes in the mains voltage 

It heats the battery less during charging compared to transformer devices

Reduces battery water loss by 50%

The operating efficiency of Switch-Mode Rectifiers is higher.

In Switch-Mode Chargers, the Power Coefficient (Cos) =1 and the Power Factor is > 0.96.

The ripple ratio of the output current and voltage is quite low, and the control capabilities are quite high.

Fast response time and high stability in load change (1 ms)

Control Accuracy / Regulation Speed

75% Space saving compared to thyristor controlled transformer systems

60% Lighter than thyristor controlled transformer systems

Cargo Ships

Boats and Yachts

Cruise Ships


Sea Buses

Double Or More Outputs
Working According to Different Frequency
Protection class up to IP54 for use on deck
Loyd Certificate